MCAT is a community of experienced volunteers, sponsored by OLCV, who help steward significant greenhouse gas reduction policy into law in Oregon. MCAT participates with the broad and inclusive climate and equity coalitions in Oregon and partners with OCN and others on coordinated action, particularly in regard to state legislation and policy. MCAT also actively organizes to elect and support legislators who will work for strong climate legislation.

MCAT promotes scientific solutions to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also supporting equity and social justice concerns. We most often work in the gap between legislators, state agencies and policymakers by promoting, testifying and advising to advance legislation that will help Oregon meet its climate goals. We offer forums and presentations to the public, create and participate in climate events, and we join campaigns that support candidates and incumbents who are climate champions. As individuals, many MCATs participate with other climate organizations in tandem. We’re serious about climate, but we’re also serious about camaraderie, and we make quality time for community building. Join us!


Energy Efficiency Cost Effectiveness to OR PUC, by Dr. Pat DeLaquil for MCAT

Rand Schenck’s new book is out and the reviews are great!

Rand will present Forest Under Siege, The Story of Old Growth after Gifford Pinchot, at Powells City of Books, downtown Portland 7pm on July 31. LINK