MCAT is an all-volunteer organization, and members participate differently depending upon how much time they want to give, and what their interests are. There are many ways to participate, and we’d love to have you join us!

  • Some members participate simply by doing Action Alerts from home. Action Alerts are most often letters to legislators or policy makers that take less than 15 minutes each, and everything you need is provided to you. MCAT Teams prepare these Action Alerts, which are carefully researched and timely. Doing this involves only 1-2 hours of time per month and is a very valuable contribution to climate progress in Oregon. Sometimes Action Alerts are announcements for in-person or zoom events. If you choose to attend, you will meet fellow climate activists who share your values.
  • You can also lobby your legislators. MCATs lobby their state Senators and Representatives a few times each year. These are face-to-face or zoom meetings and MCAT Lobby Leads happily teach newcomers how to join in and participate at their comfort level.  It’s an essential part of promoting our climate messages to the people who most need to hear them.
  • The top level of involvement is to join a Team. Teams are on the cutting edge of state policy and legislation, and many MCATs are experts on the topics they are following, but you don’t have to be! Being a Team Member is an exciting and important way to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in our state, and where you can contribute to real and lasting change. Joining a Team is also a great way to learn a subject in depth that you’re curious about while making some wonderful friends along the way.

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Transportation Team

The Transportation Team focuses on decarbonizing the economic sector responsible for the largest proportion of climate polluting emissions in the Oregon economy: Transportation – at about 39% – while supporting equity-based implementation of emission-cutting policies.   

Forestry & Natural Lands Team

The Forestry & Natural Lands Team has one primary focus: to promote climate smart forestry in our state. CSF optimizes carbon sequestration, storage and forest resilience while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. Practices include longer harvest rotations, protecting old growth and mature forests, and maintaining a diversity of species, ages and structures.

Legislative Lobby Team

MCAT serves as an important resource on climate change policy by producing a comprehensive summary of climate legislation, and then organizing constituents to provide that information directly to their legislators in meetings.

Outreach & Education Team

Outreach & Education Team is often the first point of contact with the public. People who have attended one of our many educational presentations, met us tabling at a public event, or who have lobbied with us in Salem have been the primary source of new volunteers so far. 

Clean Buildings & Energy Team

The Clean Buildings and Energy Team follows state legislative and regulatory issues to promote transitioning our buildings to be more efficient and our energy supplies to be carbon free. The team supported the recent Clean and Resilient Buildings bills which passed in the 2023 legislature, and the 100% Clean Energy Law (HB 2021), which passed in 2021.  

CB&E – Offshore Wind Team

Oregon passed landmark legislation in 2021 committing the state’s major utilities to provide 100% emissions-free electricity by 2040. Efforts to reduce emissions in other sectors of the state’s economy like transportation, buildings and industry are expected to more than double the demand for clean electricity. Offshore wind presents a substantial opportunity to generate that clean energy here in Oregon.