Dr. Pat DeLaquil and MCAT weigh in on CPP Restoration Rulemaking

PacifiCorp plans an unnecessarily restrictive request for small scale renewable power plants

MCAT, along with other Environmental Advocates have filed comments with the Oregon Public Utilities Commission that the PacifiCorp request for small scale renewable project proposals is unnecessarily restrictive, and will likely result in more expensive projects and higher electricity rates for utility customers.   Here’s a summary of the recommendations, which largely support those from the OPUC staff. 


We encourage PacifiCorp to adopt Staff’s recommendations because they are designed to increase the likelihood that SSR projects will be selected through the RFP, thereby fulfilling HB 2021’s promise to provide energy benefits to Oregon communities and promote an equitable energy transition. 

The Energy Advocates ask PacifiCorp to:

  • Include energy storage 
  • Expand contract pricing options
  • Allow smaller projects 
  • Consider load pockets and uneven growth
  • Incorporate the equity questionnaire into the scoring framework
  • Ensure transparency and independence in scoring and review