Environmental stewardship and the story of the Pacific Northwest’s old-growth forests come alive in Rand Schenck’s ‘Forest Under Siege’.

Dive into the heart of the Cascades’ past, present, and future

Encounter the untold narrative of the Pacific Northwest’s old-growth forests in “Forest Under Siege.” Author and environmental champion Rand Schenck takes readers through a vivid exploration of the Cascades – revealing the beauty that captured Gifford Pinchot’s imagination and the policy shifts that followed. This timely volume is a call to understand and protect these ancient natural wonders.

About The Author

Rand Schenck is more than an environmental activist; he is a storyteller, a historian, and a passionate advocate for the Pacific Northwest’s old-growth forests. With a deep connection to the Cascades and years of conservation work, Schenck offers a unique perspective on our shared natural heritage.

“Forest Under Siege” provides a critical look at 100 years of forestry in the Pacific Northwest. Beginning with Pinchot’s early enchantment, it journeys through mid-century industrial forestry practices and the public’s rising concerns. Schenck’s narrative culminates in the current effort to rebalance the relationship between humans and these ancient ecosystems.

Highly Praised

“An exemplary work digging into the soul of forestry management and its resistance to exploitation. A must-read for environmental enthusiasts.” – Gifford Pinchot III, Grandson of Gifford Pinchot

“Molly Whitney, Executive Director of The Cascade Forest Conservancy, describes ‘Forest Under Siege’ as a testament to the region’s resilience and the persistent fight for its protection.”

Bring home this compelling story of resilience and preservation. “Forest Under Siege” is available now. Experience the journey to save the Pacific Northwest’s old-growth forests and understand why their future hangs in the balance.